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Leadership Delivering Results for Our Neighborhood

I grew up in an Irish neighborhood near Boston where my father was a factory worker at a defense plant. He impressed upon me — as did the nuns at my high school — the importance of the dignity of every human being and the job of all of us to help people achieve a better life.


I graduated from Georgetown law school more than 3 decades ago and I could have gone to work for a large law firm. Instead, I chose to do work for the Public Defender's Office out of a sense of social responsibility.

I started my own law practice. My clients are mostly women with kids, Over time I've helped over 1000 of these families save their homes from foreclosure. By saving homes I've helped keep these families together and given children a place to live.  I am proud of that.


Decency, honor, hard work, social conscience, a desire for honest government.  Our ANC needs to reflect these values.

I will continue to bring these values to all the work I do as your ANC Commissioner. 

Take care/Stay safe,



ED is a hands on Commissioner. Here ED's inspecting water line replacement work on T Street

"The ANCs were established to bring government closer to the people, and to bring the people closer to government." ED explains why the Dupont Circle ANC needs to become a pro-active Commission representing the residents who live in our neighborhoods.

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