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ENDORSEMENTS from Neighbors

I am very proud of the work I have done as your ANC Commissioner. I've worked hard to bring honesty, integrity and transparency back to our ANC.


I believe the best decisions are made when ordinary people have a real opportunity to have a say in the decisions which affect their lives.

I'm honored to have the support of the people below!


I hope that you will also support me and re-elect me November 3 as your ANC Commissioner 2B09.

Neighbors Supporting ED
Elwyn Ferris
Community Activist for 25 years
As a long-time resident and community activist, I feel that ANC Commissioner Ed Hanlon has been the best thing to happen to this neighborhood since the halcyon days when Dupont ANC was considered the gold standard. He must be re-elected.”




Debby Hanrahan

Ed Hanlon fights tirelessly for his constituents and for DC residents at large on issues ranging from rat control to the corrupting influence of big money and special interests in DC politics."

Anne Sellin

"I enthusiastically support Ed Hanlon for reelection to the Dupont Circle ANC.  He has spent countless hours boldly representing the neighborhood on important issues. He listens to the concerns of residents and serves his single member constituents impressively."


Brittany Bepler
Having witnessed firsthand Ed Hanlon’s tireless commitment to my neighborhood and community, I will happily vote for Ed for another term."
Adyin Tozeren, Ph.D
I looked at Ed Hanlon's website and his video introduction. I was impressed how clearly he describes his mission: Preserve and Improve. Ed is a problem solver. And he has the right tools, an MS degree in Mathematics and a law degree plus years of experience in public service. Our neighborhood like the rest of America is a little bit polarized these days. We need positive energy and constructive approaches more than ever, and Ed showed that he can do just that, by solving our trash bin replacement problem, and by focusing on the impossibly busy design advocated by DDOT for the 17th Street. I hundred percent believe that Ed will do the very best that can be done for our beautiful neighborhood and for the city in general. Besides the work on ANC, I am hoping Ed will work for new synergies and collaboration opportunities with, including the office of the mayor, dc council, and most importantly with Ward 2 councilperson."

Susan Wooddell

"Regarding Ed’s stellar service: one of the most impressive attributes in the long list is his tireless attention to detail, whether scrutinizing extant or proposed policy - his eagle eye often brings additional compelling insight into consideration. We are so very lucky to have him representing us."

Kenton Campbell

“Most satisfied 2B09 resident here! Ed Hanlon has been a top-notch Commissioner - attentive, smart and tuned in. He’s certainly got my vote. ! only wish there were more Eds. I support him completely.”

Marcy Logan

I only wish there were more Eds. I support him completely.”  

Paul Dwyer

"I want to express my deep appreciation for all Ed Hanlon does for residents of the Dupont Circle area. I am awe of his attention to detail and his many successes in responding to constituent concerns.  He obviously deeply cares for them in a consistently proactive way, and they are lucky to have him as their commissioner. As I watched Ed over the past two years, I have come to greatly admire and respect him. I think of Ed as a profile in courage for his willingness to stand up for the marginalized, for taking on and debating any issue, for his successful efforts to create more transparency in our ANC, and for simply serving as a true leader of democracy, which matters more than ever these days."


Rob Leardo

Community Activist & Member of Tenants  Action Association (TENAC) Executive Committee

People should vote for ANC commissioners like Ed who will do what the residents want, not those who will simply do whatever developers and big business want, without regard to residents' wishes. If all ANC commissioners acted like Ed, we would have what residents really want, instead of an agenda that disregards democratic procedure, debate, and citizen input."

Peter Bepler

"Ed Hanlon is the only candidate who will remain impartial among the rampant favoritism and compliance that plagues ANC 2B.” 

Ellen Mercer

"I am pleased to endorse Ed Hanlon for re-election as an ANC Commissioner.  We have been neighbors for about 25 years and I know that I can call on Ed at anytime if I need help.  Very important for an "aging" neighbor!  Ed is kind and thoughtful and does a great job at anything he undertakes.  I endorse his candidacy without reservation."

Sarah and Taylor Nickel

"Ed has been an advocate for our district and instrumental in keeping the broader ANC2B community informed about issues that have a real impact on our neighborhood. Whether it’s upcoming zoning hearings that support our restaurants and businesses in the 14th and U St corridors, or responding to issues that affect our daily lives Ed has given an opportunity to everyone - even those who disagree with him - to have their voices heard on the ANC.” 

James Hill

"As a longtime resident of 2B09, I enthusiastically support Ed Hanlon’s re-election as ANC. His effectiveness at representing the best interests of the neighborhood is easily the best I have seen. Ed’s reliable and outstanding performance over the last couple of years definitely merits another term. ” 

Suzanne Legault

"Ed Hanlon is a gust of cleansing wind in our ANC. Thanks to him, it's no longer business as usual—by back-channel fiat.  In Ed, the neighborhood finally has a voice. Let's do ourselves a favor and support his re-election. ” 

Jane Solt

"Ed Hanlon is what an ANC Commissioner should be.  He is responsive to residents and excellent at passing on information to the community at large.  His efforts during the 17th Street discussions were invaluable and effective.  I'm sure he'd rather have my vote, but this endorsement from a Ward2B06 resident will have to suffice. ” 

Alex Bant and Stetson Nunes

"Ed seeks to understand and incorporate all perspectives when guiding decisions for the neighborhood. He knows many residents personally and seeks to include everyone in the way decisions are made. He also works hard to protect the neighborhood's unique charm, while evolving where necessary to help the broader community."

Diane Quinn
Candidate for ANC Commissioner 2B04

"Ed Hanlon sets a very high bar of performance for ANC Commissioners.  I endorse Ed Hanlon for Commissioner for ANC2B09 and ask that you vote for his re-election as Commissioner.


Ed Hanlon is an outstanding advocate for the interests of residents living in ANC2B09.  Ed thoroughly analyzes issues and assesses the impact and viability of each issue brought before ANC2B, before he makes a.decision.  A recent example is Ed's analysis and his communication to DDOT regarding the Proposal for 17th Street NW.  Ed communicates regularly with his residents and he is not aligned with special interests or groups so his decisions support the needs of his constituents and the best interests of the District of Columbia."

Robin Diener
Past President, Dupont Circle Citizens Association

"ANC Commissioner is a time consuming and often thankless job. Ed Hanlon cheerfully gives it his all on behalf of his constituents. He takes the time to examine the issues, and both educates and listens to constituents. As an attorney, he understands and is scrupulous about the conduct of ANC business. The Dupont Circle Citizens Association gardening committee knows it can always call upon Ed to prod the Department of Public Works to better manage the public trash and abate rats in the T Street Park, located in his SMD but open to all." 

Phyllis Klein & Alex Mayer

"Ed takes time to listen deeply to constituent concerns and his efforts have resulted in many positive outcomes for the neighborhood and the city."

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